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Holiday Helper Special: IVF with medications: $7500 per cycle. Pay by December 31, 2016, and use within six months.

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Dr. Anne Borkowski and the staff of North Shore Fertility

Dr. Borkowski is a Chicago-area infertility physician who understands the emotional turmoil of infertility. A single mom of two children who experienced infertility, Dr. Borkowksi has walked in your shoes. She brings that insight to treating each patient with care, compassion and state-of-the-art infertility treatment techniques.


What’s New at North Shore Fertility:

Infertility Stress Busters!

Choice Moms 

Thinking of becoming a single mother by choice? Dr. Borkowksi understands the joys and challenges of ‘going it alone’ with motherhood. Even as an infertility doctor, infertility treatment was not successful for her, so she decided to become a choice mom via adoption.



Evening and Weekend Hours

To make it easier for our patients, we are now offering weekend and evening hours. We know you work hard and often can’t leave work during ‘normal’ hours to make a doctor’s appointment. So we hope these new hours on periodic evenings and weekends will be more convenient for you and help alleviate some of the stress of infertility.

Please call Beth at 847-763-8850 for your next appointment.

Free Infertility Hotline

Every Monday from 12-2 PM CST, Dr. Borkowski is offering a free mini phone consultation for men and women who have questions about their fertility and are wondering what their next steps should be, including whether they need the services of an infertility specialist.

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Dr. Anne Borkowski

Medical Director, North Shore Fertility

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Love Makes a Family

North Shore Fertility

Dr. Borkowsi is the medical director and founder of North Shore Fertility, a boutique-style fertility and IVF clinic with offices in Skokie.

Cost-effective IVF

We strive to provide you with IVF treatment at a cost-effective price. In addition to standard IVF, we also encourage our patients to use frozen embryo transfer and mini IVF.

Fertility Survivors

We understand what you are experiencing because we have been there ourselves. All of our all-female staff members have experienced their own fertility journeys, including Dr. Borkowksi.


The truest measure of our success are the many babies we have brought into the world and the joy their happy parents have experienced.

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