Chicago Cubs World Champions

The Chicago Cubs, the World Series and infertility have more in common than you realize.

I am the first to admit I have never been a die-hard baseball fan….. until recently.  Somehow the Chicago Cubs have captivated an awful lot of my time and attention and I am beginning to experience that old familiar feeling  of being on an emotional roller coaster! It’s not enough that they made it to the World Series but now I want them to win more than ever. And it is up and down and up and down and I have absolutely no control over it. The feeling is oddly enough reminiscence  of my infertility journey 10 years ago. And brings close to home once again what my patients are going through every day. No matter what happens the Cubs will be stronger in the end as am I, however it is hard to see that in the midst of all the excitement.

I have a few bits of advice to offer anyone on the roller coasters of life……

  1. Learn relaxation and stress relief techniques that can be used for the rest of your life. These can help you navigate the anxiety that surrounds loss of control.
  2. Incorporate physical exercise into your daily routine. It is amazing how much more clearly you will think when your body is feeling good.
  3. Continue to develop a romantic, intimate physical relationship with your partner. It is not all about hormones, timing and pregnancy tests.
  4. Meet with a counselor a few times. It doesn’t have to be a long term commitment but it often helps to get an expert’s opinion as to coping with your individual situation.
  5. Watch funny movies, go for long walks, eat ice cream, get your nails done, bake a cake, read a good book, escape for the weekend. Life is short, while waiting for the ride to end, enjoy what you can!!
  6. Root for your hometown team — whether it be baseball, basketball, football or soccer. Get into the team spirit and feel part of something greater than yourself.


Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs! After years of trial and tribulation, you grabbed the brass ring and the World Series. The world is celebrating your victory!

But what if the Cubs had not won? Would they have been defeated? It all depends on your perspective. While celebrating the Cubs’ victory, we can also celebrate the Cleveland Indians, who also beat the odds this year and participated in one of the sports world’s most prestigious events. Victory does not always mean the victorious; it can be interpreted as giving it your all and not surrendering to despair.

Coming back round to infertility, what does this all mean to you — our patients? First, it means you are part of our team — a group of infertility survivors who know how you feel. Second, we are giving it our all to make you pregnant. Third, we will be with you through every step of journey — to the ninth inning and beyond — with hope, inspiration and expertise so that you can declare victory over infertility on your own terms.

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