MothersDayNSFMother’s Day can definitely be one of the worst days of the year for women going through infertility treatment. I know because for 10 years I dreaded the beginning of May since I knew the second Sunday of the month would be Mother’s Day. Although I typically spent Mother’s Day morning celebrating the relationship I had with my own mother, and trying to be grateful for that, after our yearly Mother’s Day brunch I made it a habit to go home and sulk. I would go home watch a little TV and then end up cleaning my house for the rest of the day. After doing this for about three years I realized that I was actually getting quite a bit done on Mother’s Day. And I felt surprisingly good about getting my spring cleaning done! So, I made it a tradition— brunch with my Mom and then home to clean every nook and cranny.

Now, fast forward ten more years…. My own mother is in heaven and I now have two beautiful daughters, 8 and 9.  The tradition, although altered a bit, still lives on. After brunch with my own daughters, together we clean every inch of our house. I suspect this will be the case for many years to come. So you see, out of every bad thing does come something good!!

Just do whatever it takes to get through the day! This day, and the hoopla before the day arrives, will pass. And know that all of us at North Shore Fertility have walked in your shoes and understand what you are feeling.