happy-new-year-2013_MkMpzhdO_LIt’s that time of year — the time to make a list of New Year’s resolutions! For infertility patients, making resolutions can feel conflicting. On the one hand, the goal you most want to achieve is having a baby. On the other hand, that dream may seem out of your control. But that does not mean, however, that you can’t set other resolutions that can help you feel better about yourself and anything else you want to achieve in life.

Experts say the best type of resolutions are short, simple and easily attainable. This is why I asked each team member at North Shore Fertility to list the one change they would like to make in 2016. Here is what we said:

• Beth: Clean up the office– too much clutter around!

• Anne: Start a patient support group. Patients really need to talk with one another. I don’t want anyone feeling isolated any more.

• Gina: To collect constructive criticism from patients. We want to know what we are doing right and what we could do better.

• Jenny: I want to improve staff communication with patients. We need to give patients clear yet detailed information on what to expect BEFORE they go through procedures. We need to frequently repeat this information and make sure our patients understand so they are not scared and do not feel they need to spend hours researching online.

If you’ve noticed a common thread in all of our resolutions, it is our desire to support our patients through the thick and thin of infertility treatment and to provide a better patient experience. It goes without saying that we want to help each and every one of you to conceive and build your family. However, the stress of infertility can be overwhelming so patients should expect they will be treated with dignity, respect and compassion at the offices of the professionals they have entrusted with their care.

If you are feeling stressed out by your infertility providers, then maybe you should resolve in 2016 to find a new office that will treat the whole you, including your mind, body and soul.

Wondering how you can make doable New Year’s resolutions? Check out this great article on WebMD: 10 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick.