Laughing young woman talking on the phone over gray backgroundA medical clowning organization will be conducting a followup study about the affects of laughter and IVF treatment. The original study, which showed a 15% increase in IVF success rates due to laughter, is definitely worth taking seriously. Laughter is known to effect the immune system, the heart and the lungs. These systems play a role in conceiving so there may be a realistic connection. In any case, at North Shore Fertility we believe laughter is good for all of us. I encourage my staff to get to know patients on a personal level so that we can talk to them about their lives when they come in for their appointments and procedures. We strive to keep our attitudes light and keep a smile on our faces. We find it helps to let patients in on some of the personal things in our lives, especially the things we can laugh at. It’s pretty natural for us to maintain this attitude since we love doing what we do!

So how can you incorporate more laughter into your day? Here are some tips for tickling your funny bone and for helping you relax and enjoy life outside of the infertility treadmill:

  1. Watch a funny movie or television show. Even a few hours of getting ‘away from it all’ can be helpful.
  2. Believe it or not, there are a few ‘fertility’ comics. Many were comediennes in their pre-infertility life and decided to do what they do best: look at the lighter side of infertility and all the funny and (sometimes) hilarious things women and men must do in the name of assisted baby making. Lori Shandle-Fox is one of these women. She is the e-book author of Laughing IS Conceivable:One Woman’s Extremely Funny Peek into the Extremely Unfunny World of Infertility. Check out her Laughing is Conceivable website and social media accounts for some snippets of her humor.
  3. Go out with your ‘hilarious’ friend. Most everyone has someone in their life who cracks them up.
  4. Read this article to see how medical clowns are trying to help improve IVF success rates.
November 26, 2015
Raphael Poch

Using humor and laughter to achieve a better medical outcome with IVF patients, medical clowns set out to turn the tide of infertility.

A New York based medical clowning organization called Lev Leytzan is undertaking a new initiative to conduct a study on the positive effects that medical clowns have on patients who are undergoing an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) process.

Following an initial study that was conducted in Israel at the Asaf-Harofeh Hospital, Lev Leytzan and their subsidiary project, The ElderHearts, are attempting to conduct a study of their own and thereby begin to gain recognition for the positive benefits that medical clowning can offer to couples struggling with fertility issues.

The initial study has shown that when interacting with medical clowns during specific stages of IVF, 36 percent of women succeeded at becoming pregnant, as opposed to only 20 percent of women who did not receive the therapy.

Link to the full article.